About us

GeoCQ is a geolocation cloud database project developed by CGS27 Inc, The service is a multi-industry software project. We are currently working with the transportation industry, by offering solutions from the documentation, tracking, all the way to billing. We are currently adapting the service to other industries as well, please contact us for up to date information. GeoCQ is not to be used without the permission of anyone connected or responsible for nodes transmissions, the service is to be used only under the consent of the person or property directly or indirectly connected to transmitting nodes. Transmitting nodes are any device (smartphone, gps transmitter, computer, etc..) that are sending geolocation coordinates to GeoCQ servers. CGS27 Inc, is not responsible for anyone using the service without the transmitting nodes consent, the responsibility and all legal implications are fully the responsibility of the person or company owning the service account (the main person signing up for GeoCQ service) We are located in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States of America.